Old 97’s - Holly Jolly Christmas

Old 97's perform the holiday tune, 'Holly Jolly Christmas' in the Austin360 studio as part of our 2017 Seasonal Serenades.
Editor: Tina Phan
Cameras: Tina Phan, Kelly West, Deborah Cannon, Alyssa Vidales

Dana Falconberry - Cormorant

As part of Austin360's coverage of ACL Fest 2013, we filmed exclusive live performances of festival acts at locations all around Austin. Dana Falconberry performs her song, "Cormorant," on a canoe at Barton Springs.
Editor: Tina Phan
Cameras: Tina Phan, Deborah Cannon, Erika Rich, Clint Spearow

X Games Austin 2014

Black Pistol Fire performs "Crow's Feet": Take a final look at Austin's inaugural X Games, held June 5-8, 2014 at Circuit of the Americas. 

Editor: Tina Phan
Cameras: Tina Phan, Kelly West, Dave Behr, Rodolfo Gonzalez, Ricardo Brazziell, Ashley Landis, James Gregg, 

La Vida Bohème - Hornos Del Cal

Venezuelan rockers La Vida Bohème perform an acoustic song at Graffiti Park in Austin, Texas October 2012. The group was in town to play at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.